Escuela Panamá
Michele Broszio, M.A.
Aumunder Feldstr. 47
28757 Bremen

Tel: 0421- 8357232

References / Testimonials

At Escuela Panamá you learn more than just a language. They offer real world opportunities to learn and use Spanish at cultural events that include eating and dancing. They make learning fun!

Sophia Heslop– Business Owner, Marley’s New York


The instruction at Escuela Panamá is super. Mrs. Broszio designs very interesting and lively lessons. We have a lot of fun and learning happens naturally. I can highly recommend this school.

Katja Vahle – Student

I have successfully completed my courses in this wonderful language school. I participated in small group instruction. They uniquely offered cultural workshops to bring us in closer contact with the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries… Very interesting! And there are regular opportunities to meet up at different restaurants, in a relaxed atmosphere, to practice using the language in a practical way.

Kirstin Lohnau - KL Fitness