Escuela Panamá
Michele Broszio, M.A.
Aumunder Feldstr. 47
28757 Bremen

Tel: 0421- 8357232

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Michele Broszio, M.A. - Owner, Escuela Panamá

One of my customers went on a business trip to Mexico and was invited to dinner at the home of the company manager. He arrived punctually and brought flowers for the manager’s wife. In Germany, this would have been the correct thing for him to do. In Mexico, however, it’s considered impolite to arrive on time. A certain degree of “tardiness” should be planned in. And flowers are not brought as a thank you. Instead, flowers are given on Mother’s Day, in the event of a death or when one is madly in love. In the meantime, due to our training, my customers have a better awareness and understanding of the manners and customs in Mexico. They are able to take care of business and personal matters without misunderstanding.  

Michele Broszio, M.A. - Owner Escuela Panamá

I come from Panama and have lived in Bremen for many years. I’m married with children who are growing up bilingual. For these reasons, intercultural misunderstandings are familiar to me. I’ve worked as a Spanish teacher in different private, school and business settings for 19 years. I have managed to turn my hobby into a career and do it whole-heartedly. In 2007, I founded Escuela Panama in Bremen-Germany. Our teachers are well-educated, native Spanish and German speakers.